“One Horizon” from series “Adrift” | 40 paintings
Sand, pigment, superheavy gel medium on Belgium Linen
30×40 cm each | 2022.

“Adrift” 2022 consist of paintings made with sand and color pigments sifted on layers of acrylic gel medium. They are visually inspired by Zen Japanese sand raked gardens, in response to the subject of immigration. In special, in response to the famous American policy on Cuban Immigration “Pies secos, pies mojados ”.

“Wet feet, dry feet ” policy was the name given to a former interpretation of the 1995 revision of the application of the Cuban Adjustment Act of 1966 that essentially says that anyone who emigrated from Cuba and entered the United States by sea and touches dry-land, would be allowed to pursue residency a year later.

The works intent to express feelings of promise, hope, uncertainty, loneliness and even fear. These “seascape” sand paintings are a metaphor for the migrant crises not only from Cubans, but also around the world and the need for spiritual healing and respite as we experience global health, political and environmental catastrophes.

Living on an island resizes the connection between human beings and the sea. These pigmented sand paintings meditate on calm and restlessness, and suggest, through the arid texture and the beauty of the form, the encounter between risk and vanishing. The sand despite the feet of the emigrants who throw themselves into the sea in search of a better life and sometimes never see them again. The seascape is a symbol of politics and family separation. It transcends the tiresome pain of goodbye to fuel uncertainty and becomes an obsession whose history repeats itself in the collective memory. The sea is witness to dreams, victories and deaths.

I built imaginary “Zen gardens” with raking tools in the studio on a large table with sand to create depictions of utopian landscapes that at first glance seems just as drawings in the sand representing ripples of water, waves, tsunamis, sea storms, rocks, imitating the essence of nature and not its actual appearance, as in the so called kare-sansui, or “dry landscapes” at temples of Zen Buddhism.

Adrift, is also how I perceive the current global situation in all aspects.

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