The System, The Distribution
and The Power of Red

C-Print mounted on 2 mms Aluminum plate (framed)
L 180 cm x H 140 cm (70,8″ x 55″)
Edition: 5 + 1 A/P | 2015

For these series of photographs, the Artist use sheets of color lighting filters, which she cuts into circles of 5 different diameters to create striking colorful images. In them, chaos and order converge in a poetic way. The images are a metaphorical discussion about the distribution of the force and the power in the “system”, in this case a “system of circles”.

The series consists of a sequence of 7 large color photographs, each of them reflects a situation-composition with color circles, which reflects a process that goes from chaos to order, from crowded to un-crowded. In the last 4 photographs of the sequence, the Artists calculates mathematically how many of the circles used diameters can fit in the surface of the big Red circle. The Red Circle represents the dominant element within the sequence and therefore, the rest of the circles are grouped according to their diameter, creating all together circles of the same size of the big Red circle in the very last image. The image #7 in the series, represents the achieved balance within the system.

The basic geometric form and the repetition of it represent a sense of order and essential quality. In these new body of work, there is a fundamental curiosity about how things work, especially large social and economic systems.

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