Spectrum: Order / Disorder | Thomas Gallery, Maastricht | 2022 |193 Gallery, Paris | 2019

Series: “Spectrum Order / Disorder” (Spectrum I)
16 Powder Pigments on Transparent Pdma | L 70 cm x 5 cm x multiple dimensions
Limited Edition 1/3 | 2021

Series: “Spectrum: Order / Disorder”
15 Plexiglass tubes filled with color pigments arranged differently
L 150 cm x H 5 cm x W 5 cm (59″ x 2″ x 2″)
Edition: 2+1 A/P | 2016

17 Plexiglass tubes filled with color pigments
L 150 cm x H 5 cm x W 5 cm (59″ x 2″ x 2″)
Edition: 2+1 A/P | 2020

The series: “Spectrum: Order/ Disorder” are wall sculptures made out of pigments and acrylic structures. Every set is filled with a spectrum of color powder pigments. Castillo creates parallels between the symbiotic relation of “spectrum” as a condition that is not limited to a specific set of values and a spectrum of colors than can be varied or presented in indefinite ways.

For example, a single left-right spectrum of political opinion does not capture the full range of people’s political beliefs.

The question of the purposefulness of our human enterprise and perhaps the “one Ideology” politics of her own native Cuba inspires most of this work. At the same time, these works offer the possibility of change and the freedom of the open road, through the selection and arrangement “by chance,” as it is presented in this playful color piece.

To express these ideas, she simply uses one of the basic elements of visual perception: the color spectrum, which is also used in its basic structural form: pure powder pigments. The volatile state of material is analogous to the volatile state of contemporary ideologies.

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