The Triumph of Labor | ARCO Madrid | 2019

Series: “The triumph of Labor”
Sand, Superheavy gel Medium on Polyamide 3d print, Plexiglass Transparent Box
12,4 x 28,9 x 43,1 cm | 47,9 x 18,6 x 48,9 cm | 40,6 x 22,5 x 41,6 cm
Edition 3 + 1 A/P (Each bag) | 2016-2019

Liset Castillo presents a series of sculptures under the title “The Triumph of Labor”, luxurious women’s bags of prestigious brands in the world of international fashion, allow the Artist to speak on issues relating to the market in contemporary society and its mediations against the conformation of certain status of social empowerment. Icons of fashion, such as The Neverfull, The City Steamer by Louis Vuitton, Celine Mini Luggage Tote, Channel Flap Bag, are appropriated by the artist after a long and meticulous work that assumes Sand as material. Intelligent choice to make us reflect on something that constitutes the leitmotif of her work, subverting concepts of order-disorder, integration-disintegration, underdevelopment-development.

In this purpose , Castillo introduces us to this kind of relationship between the art object and the utilitarian object, on the one hand, the value that the brand gives after complicated hours of design construction and on the other hand, the construction of an object from the purely artisan work carried out by the artist, both handbags and sculptures allow us to reason about the concept of durability in contemporary society.

In as much the sand transmits same illusory nature of the symbol of status of the objects / bags, in a society in which the permanent relations are more and more devalued, in which we consume things that we consider valuable and we standardize by their price, in the middle of a social chaos, which does not support the idea of permanence or eternity, when in reality these do not escape being devalued with the passage of time….

By Clarissa Crive Duany

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